Bienvenidos a Espana!

Here I am! I’m finally in Malaga, almost at my final destination of Granada. We’ll go there tomorrow. But after a long journey from Boston, I’m finally in Spain! I’ve been waiting for this day for forever!

I already posted about my first flight, nothing really exciting happened. Once we landed in Chicago, we met up with some more students who were with our program, and then we all boarded the plane to Madrid! I will say, as airline food goes, Iberia is pretty darn good. I had decent chicken, some carrots, seafood salad, two pieces of bread, and a small tiramisu for dessert. Pretty good! The kicker? Not only was I given butter for my bread, but also brie. Not too shabby.

I read my book for a lot of the flight. I bought The Help in Boston and finally got to start reading it on this leg of the journey (I never read it on the first leg because they ended up playing episodes of The Office on the TVs). It is a phenomenal book. I can’t wait to keep reading it. There was also a movie playing, but I really wasn’t paying much attention to it. I don’t even know what it was. Something with cowboys, Hugh Jackman (I think), robots, and wrestling. No idea what it possibly could have been about. Maybe I should have paid more attention.

I didn’t get a ton of sleep on the plane, but of course as I was starting to get some decent sleep, we hear a cheery “Buenos dias!” from the flight attendants, here to serve us breakfast. That was also pretty good. A ham and cheese croissant, some fresh fruit, and some delicious orange juice. The kicker? Included with my breakfast was a Kit Kat bar. Which I ate.

Our plane was really late taking off, so when we landed in Madrid we had a really tight connection to get to Malaga. We seriously had to run through the airport. I was sweating so much by the time we got to our gate, but we made it. It was a very small plane and we had to go out to the tarmac to board, and I had to plane-side check my carry-on, but it wasn’t bad. After all, it was the final leg of the journey, and I would get it back literally right when I got off the plane. I had extremely thick and pulpy orange juice on the plane, which I regretted and wished I had just gotten water because I was exceptionally thirsty, what with all the running and the dehydration that came from being in a plane for so long.

Finally, we arrived in Malaga. My travel buddy and I shared a cab and were off to our hotel where we picked up some welcome materials and were assigned to rooms. I’m sharing with a different girl who is super super nice. We were both extremely thirsty so we ventured out into Malaga together to find some bottled water to drink. It’s funny, we couldn’t work the elevator, nor figure out how to work the lights in our room, but we successfully navigated ourselves around Malaga (I really shouldn’t say around Malaga, we went maybe two blocks away from the hotel).

Well, that’s pretty much all for now. We’re just hanging out in the hotel room relaxing and freshening up. I’ll write more later tonight maybe or tomorrow. Hasta luego!

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Nos Embarcamos en Nuevas Aventuras

The title of this post translates to “We Are Setting Off on New Adventures,” and that could not be more true. Right now I’m sitting on a plane from Boston to Chicago, the first leg of my three leg journey to Malaga, where I’ll be staying before finally heading off to Granada. Even though I’m on this plane, it still hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m going to Spain. It probably won’t until I’m actually in Madrid. But I feel like already I’m doing new things. I got brave and went over and introduced myself to a girl I saw at the gate who I was pretty sure was in my program. Turns out she was, she’s super nice, and we talked for a while about everything from what we were majoring in to Jenna Marbles. It made me feel a little bit better about going through this new “aventura.” I knew I wasn’t going to be going through it alone, but now I actually have a person in front of me who I can go through it all with. Now I really know that I’m going to be okay. So, goodbye, Boston, goodbye everything I know and love, I’ll be back in four months a more cultured, more learned, more Spanish person. Hasta luego!

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Primera Entrada!

Why hello there!

For those of you not familiar with the Spanish language, this is my “First Post” on my blog, “In Love With Granada.” (Also, the quote underneath means, “And when they ask you about the queen of poetry and beauty, you will say, as we will: It is Granada!”). If you’ve seen my About Me, you’ll know that I’m a college junior about to embark on my semester abroad in Granada, Spain. I’m really excited, but also really nervous. I mean, I’ll be in a completely new country (a completely new continent for that matter!) for four months, quite far away from my hometown! It’s pretty nerve-wracking stuff! But I know it’s all going to be okay. 🙂

I’ve wanted to go to Spain ever since I was four. My sister did a semester abroad in Seville, and when she came back I fell in love with the language and culture of Spain. I started learning Spanish formally as soon as I could (although I always asked my sister how to say things even before I started formally learning Spanish) and worked hard so that some day I could achieve fluency. I’m not quite there yet, but four months immersed in the language should do me some good.

One month from today is my date of departure for “La Furia Roja” (“The Red Fury,” Spain’s nickname), and I think that I’m finally ready. I have my forms in, I’ve got my Lonely Planet guide, I’ve got about eight Spanish dictionaries, what more do I need? That’s right! A blog!

I decided to make this blog so that my friends and family back home could keep up with my adventures since I may not be able to contact them very regularly. But, if I have a blog, they can still stay updated on all of my adventures and know that I’m doing okay and having fun! I’m going to try to post as often as I can while I’m abroad, so beginning January 23 be on the lookout for some very exciting posts from me!

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