Llevo Un Mes En Granada

What does the title of this post mean? It means that I’ve been in Granada for one month. Crazy, right? It feels like I’ve been here forever and at the same time like I’ve been here since yesterday. It’s insane. But I’m loving every second of being here!

My week was a pretty average school week, nothing particularly out of the ordinary or exciting to report. But, today was a pretty fun day!

Today I got up and went to this place called Mercadona with a friend of mine. It’s basically just a supermarket but I had heard so many legendary stories of this place, mostly because it’s the only place anyone has been able to find that sells peanut butter, even though it’s €3 ($4) for a little baby tub. We walked around there for a while and I got some pretty good stuff, including a giant box of corn flakes that I am so excited to dig into. After Mercadona, we just wandered around different little shops along the street, and I bought myself two pairs of sunglasses and a bottle of nail polish (in addition to the three bottles I bought myself yesterday…oops…hey I like to paint my nails and I don’t have any polish! I need some variety! Sheesh!). I got it all for less than €10 too, so it was a pretty good deal.

Now, where did we go after browsing through the shops? That’s right, you guessed it, to see 101 Dalmations (or, in Spanish, 101 Dálmatas) at a nearby theater! It was so much fun! The whole movie was dubbed over in Spanish, but I was so proud of it because I understood pretty much all of it! We may have been the oldest people in there who didn’t come with children, but who cares? It’s a classic film. I had fun.

Later in the day, I met up with a friend of mine (a fellow anthropologist) to do an observation in my neighborhood for a research project we have to do. Man oh man did we pick a good time to go! It turned out that there were people rehearsing for Semana Santa processions  right when we went out to observe! It was so cool! There were a ton of men all wearing these things on their heads that kind of reminded us of what the Hebrew slaves in “The Ten Commandments” wore. We weren’t quite sure what they were or why they were wearing those specifically, but we’re going to research it and find out! They were practicing carrying this giant platform which I’m guessing will be carrying something during the procession. Watching them carry it was like watching a choreographed dance. They all took the exact same sized steps, all at the same pace, even on the same foot! Watching them pick it up was cool too – they just kind of all jumped up together and tada! There it was! I really wish I had brought my camera with me. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be out again. After we watched them for a while we walked around and looked at all the graffiti in my neighborhood. Don’t get the wrong impression, this isn’t like gang graffiti and tagging and all that stuff, this is pure art. Not that gang graffiti isn’t almost an art in its own right, but this was made for the purpose of art. It’s all so beautiful and unique, again I wish I had brought my camera so I could share it with you! I’ll take pictures another day. It’s not like it’s going anywhere!

After taking our own little graffiti tour, we walked back to where the tapas bars are to do some final observations, but we ran into our friends with the platform again! We ran down to watch them process around a square, all the while carrying this platform. We watched for about ten more minutes before they finally left and we went back the other way. As we were leaving, we happened to notice a video store, so we thought we’d pop in and see what kind of movies they sold, which could be interesting culturally. It was awesome! We found so many movies that we recognized and loved! It was interesting too to see which titles they didn’t translate, which they did, and how they translated the ones they did. For instance, they translated the title of “National Treasure” as “La Busqueda” (“The Search”). It was really cool. I even found the “Hey Arnold!” move in Spanish (“¡Oye Arnold!”)! I’m definitely going back there.

After a day filled with such excitement, I’m back hanging out at the ol’ homestead, and I’ll probably be a nerd and go to bed soon. I have to be rested and ready to begin my next month in Granada! Hasta luego!

Wait! Before you go! Make sure that you keep checking out the new tab I put up, “Things I Want When I Get Home.” It’s a list of things I want when I get home (no, really?) that I’ll keep updating throughout the semester. Make sure you keep tabs on it! I expect to be presented with all of these things when I get back!

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