Bienvenidos a Granada!

I’m finally here! I’m finally in Granada! My semester can finally begin!

Let’s start with last night. In the afternoon at about 2:30 a large group of us went out for a walk around Malaga and we had some authentic Spanish paella which was incredibly delicious! The one problem was that the shrimp still had their heads on, and I wasn’t quite sure how to navigate that. I was having a lot of difficulty peeling it. The kid sitting across from me asked me if I had ever peeled shrimp before and I told him “Yes! I’m from Massachusetts! I swear I know how to peel shrimp! It just doesn’t usually have a head!” After a couple minutes and getting my hands very dirty I finally peeled and enjoyed my shrimp. Then we walked back to the hotel to relax. My roommate for the night and I decided to relax and watch some TV. We ended up finding Saturday Night Live on the TV, which was being broadcast in English but with Spanish subtitles (which we of course paid little to no attention to). Then we found Pimp My Ride, which we didn’t know even still existed! That was dubbed over in Spanish, but it was still nice to see something familiar. I just realized that I never actually ended up having dinner that night. I talked to Mom for a little while on the computer, and then I went and kept reading my book. I didn’t want to go to sleep too early, because I want to adjust myself to the time difference. I forced myself to stay up reading until I could barely see the words on the page, and then I let myself fall asleep.

I woke up at about 7:00, but it was pitch black out so I didn’t actually get out of bed until about 7:30. Then I hopped in for my shower and started getting ready for the day. We started out with a delicious breakfast. I had a fried egg, some bacon, fruit, cheese, orange juice, and a churro. It was delicious. Then we went in to some Orientation sessions for the rest of the day, to learn about safety, cultural differences, homestays, and other things like that. We did some ice breakers too, to get to know the other people. One of them involved picking a rope from a selection of ropes of different lengths, but you couldn’t tell which one you were picking. Then, you had to tell facts about yourself for the length of time that it took you to wrap the rope around your finger (I’m going to have to remember this one for Orientation!). I of course picked the longest one. I tried to get away with wrapping it around my finger really quickly but apparently that was against the rules. Oh well.

We had a big lunch at 3:00 after all the sessions were over and before our journey to Granada. It was also quite delicious! I tried shark for the first time ever. It was good, but tasted very vinegar-y. I also tried kiwi for the first time, which oddly enough I’ve never had before.  Then after lunch we left on buses to go to Granada!

I didn’t get to explore because it’s late here, but from what I can see Granada is beautiful. I have an amazing view out of one of the windows. It is just beautiful. And my hosts, Inma and Miguel, are super super nice. Inma made a delicious dinner of homemade chicken soup, something that was like a cross between fried eggs and scrambled eggs, rice with carrots and peas, and sauteed vegetables. Absolutely delicious. I’m doing well communicating with them too. I’ve known almost all of the words I’ve needed to say, and the ones I didn’t they know enough English to be able to figure out. So I’m doing quite well. But, it’s late here, so I think that I’m going to go to bed. I shall blog more soon! Buenas noches!

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